Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ring Around the Rose: Question the Third

This week's question is a doozy!

How would you talk a hungry dragon out of eating you if you were face-to-face without any sort of weapon?

I'm going to just come out and say that I'd likely become a fricasseed dragon delicacy.

However, that doesn't mean I wouldn't try. Especially if it was a talking dragon. If it's a dragon out of Harry Potter, then I'm screwed.

But maybe, just maybe, a talking dragon that can be reasoned with would result in me escaping a charbroiled fate. Maybe.

If you've never read the book, My Lucky Day  by Keiko Kasza, you're missing out. It may just save you from a hungry dragon.

I'd totally use what I learned from this little picture book to save my butt.

In the story a little pig finds himself at the house of a hungry fox. Just as the fox is about to eat him, the little pig gives up and suggests that the fox give him a bath first because he is an awfully dirty pig.

The fox commences to build a fire and give the little pig a bath.

Just as the fox is about to eat the pig again, the pig tells the fox he's all skin and bones. He suggests that the fox fatten him up a little bit first. So, the fox makes spaghetti, meatballs and chocolate chip cookies from scratch. After a big meal, the pig says he's ready for the fox to eat him.

But, just as the fox is about to have the little pig as a snack, the pig mentions that his meat is all tough and suggests that the fox give him a massage.

Well, as you can guess, the little pig uses all these opportunities to tire out the fox and get away. The book has a surprise twist at the end. If you have kids, I'd suggest getting it for them and checking it out for yourself. I love using this story to help teach kids how stories go and twisted endings. They love it.

Anyway, I'd try to use what I've learned from the book to talk my way out of becoming a dragon's dinner.

Though I might as well sprinkle some parsley on myself now, because I doubt I'd be able to trick a dragon. I'd be a gonner.

But hopefully, I'd end up face-to-face with a friendly dragon.

Maybe Puff. I'll keep my fingers crossed in case that ever happens.

Don't forget to check out Hayden's blog tomorrow to see her response. Also check back to see what Kaycee, Savannah, and Janelle wrote, too!


  1. Haha! Very fun ideas here. I am really enjoying this particular question and everyone's answers!

  2. How cute! That's a great idea! XD

  3. I will have to check out this book! Sounds like a valuable resource.