Monday, June 8, 2015

Ring Around The Rose - Question the First

For the next few weeks, the authors of the stories found in Five Enchanted Roses will be participating in a blog hop of sorts. Each week we will be answering a different question.

I invite you to join in the fun by reading the other authors' blogs to find their answers, and also make sure to share your own answer in the comments as well.

You can check out the other authors' blogs by going to Kaycee, Savannah, Jenelle, and Hayden's blogs! Kaycee will start us out on Monday, and Hayden finishes the question on Friday. 

I answer out of turn because I'm just special like that. 

(Actually, I had a complete brain fart, and will make a special effort to have my answers out on time for the next four consecutive Thursdays.)

So all this fanfare brings us to.....

Question the First: What Fantasy Land Would You Want to Live In?

And because I'm a teacher, and I'm never satisfied with a simple one sentence answer, I'll throw in the kicker


I'll admit, I've known about this question for a few weeks now, and I've really be struggling to come up with just one fantasy world to commit to. 

I  love all these amazing worlds:
The Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
The Last Unicorn
The Neverending Story

All of these had awesome settings, and I'd probably be content living in any of them. 

Then again, I even had a hard time committing to a FANTASY world.

What about Sci-Fi? I love Sci-Fi. And Sci-Fi loves me:
Star Wars
Star Trek (the original and the Next Generation)
Ender's Game
Under the Never Sky
These worlds might be awesome to live in, too. 

Much better than living in the world of:
The Hunger Games
The Giver
The Stand

I definitely don't want to wake up one of these days in those worlds. 

I've finally narrowed it down to two picks. 
This was difficult. 
I've been visiting one of my favorite universes since elementary school - long, long before David Tennant made the Doctor a hottie. 
I wouldn't mind being his traveling companion, though. 

But in the end, I had to go with a world full of silliness and comedy. 

There's not a lot of magic in it to make it fantasy.
But there is a six-fingered man, a giant, an albino, a miracle worker, a pirate, and a beautiful princess...

If I could live anywhere, I'd have to choose the land of the Princess Bride. 
Evidently, there's a shortage of perfect bosom's in that world. 
I might as well help out. 


  1. My top choice would be Harry Potter! I could have some serious fun with a wand and Floo Powder!

    1. I could have a pretty good time with a time turner and an invisibility cloak!

  2. Ooh, ohh! Fabulous choice! Love it! Always lovely to find another Princess Bride fan. :)

  3. I love Princess Bride! That is one of my very favorite movies! ^_^