No Kindle? No problem!

Are you interested in purchasing my ebooks, but don't have a Kindle to read them on?

Neither do I!

You can download the FREE Kindle app from Amazon. Just CLICK HERE!

The Kindle app works with most devices including:

  • Smartphones (iPhone/iPod Touch/Android/Windows/Blackberry)
  • Tablets (iPad/Android/Windows)
  • Computers (Mac/Windows)
After you have downloaded the free Kindle app, books that you purchase from Amazon will automatically be sent to the app on your device. How handy!

If you do not have any of these devices and would like to read my book on a Nook, Kobo, or other ereader, there is another option...

Simply email me a copy of your receipt from Amazon for one of my books, and I will send you a converted ebook in the format that fits your device (make sure to let me know which device you have and would like to read it on).

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