Friday, March 25, 2016

Brain Itch

I'm SO itchy!!!
Ack! My poor brain. It has too many stories inside it that are all knocking on the doors to get out.

Alas, there is only one way for them to truly get out.
Butt in chair.
Fingers on keyboard.
Write them down and let them out.

So, I'm trying to work as much as I can and as fast as I can.
I'm slow, though.
And lazy. Let's be honest. I'm lazy, too.
So, I've had to settle for just writing down the synopsis of these story ideas that are itching my brain.

Here are a few:

Sleeping Beauty Tale Retold: In this retelling of Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming is not what he seems. In fact, it's he that puts the princess in a death-like sleep as he serves the dragon witch. This story is set in ancient Russia as begins its transformation to an Orthodox nation.

When the Starts Are No More: A group of young astronauts are sent to get diagnostics on a nearby wormhole that leads to a massive black hole. In order to save the planet the worm hole is destroyed, but the crew finds themselves returning to a very different planet Earth. For one thing, there are no stars in the night's as if they've completely disappeared.

The Memory Keeper: Set in a futuristic society, a young memory archivist stumbles upon murder and a conspiracy as she dissolves the memories of an official who recently died. Her journey to unravel the mystery leads her to learning that the blissful city of peace she lives in and loves is not nearly as peaceful or blissful as she has been lead to believe.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Twin girls are given the freedom to have their own separate bedrooms after years of being together. One of the twins finds an old-fashioned mirror to decorate her room. Before long, she is spending most of her time in front of the mirror talking to someone inside. Is she going crazy, or does the image inside of the mirror want to be more than just a reflection?

So, these are some ideas. They make my brain itch. A lot.
It's itching right now.
So, I'd better go and do some writing.
That seems to calm the itch...for a little while at least.

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