Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Writerly Stuff

I've had many notebooks over the years, to fill with ideas for stories. Many of them have been thick, hard-covered journalesque tomes that seemed weighty and wise, just for their sheer size. Obviously, such weight and girth would produce amazing ideas, right?

Perhaps not so much. Most of them got only a few pages filled, and then I promptly lost interest, and then abandoned them.

My current writing notebook is a 4" x 6" cheapo, plastic-bound notebook from the dollar store. It was an ugly shade of green, so I covered it in fabric tape to make it a little less hideous. I may have actually made it less visually appealing though. Oh well.

I've learned my lesson.

My big heavy journals were too cumbersome to take anywhere with me. They were big and unwieldy, and unless I wanted to carry another five pounds in my backpack, they just stayed home.

Now, long past my college days, I no longer sport a backpack wherever I go, but my notebook is always able to come with me. It slides easily into my purse or computer bag, and I always have it there to write in.

Here's what I write in my notebook:

IDEAS. Lots, and lots of ideas.

I had so many in my head the other night, that I had to take a few minutes to just sit and write them down until they were all out of my head. Some were short story ideas, some were YA novels, and some were more geared for Middle Grades, but once they were all out, I had over 20 ideas for stories sitting in my notebook.

I will never, ever run out of things to write.

I only have to figure out what it is that I want to write about first!

Here's me getting ready to write. Trusty laptop? Check! Soda? Check! Writer's notebook? Check! Earbuds? Check! Creepy pictures of authors staring at me while I write? Check! Check! And check!

Today, I was lucky enough to have a few free hours, sans kids and sans work, so I dropped by my lovely, local library to do engage in some writerly time.

I love writing at the library. I love passing all the shelves and shelves full of books. They give me hope. Someday my books are going to be on those shelves, I tell myself as I pass through the stacks. On my way to a table and rather uncomfortable chair, I stop by the biographies in the juvenile section. I started doing that this past summer. While I'm there, I pick up a few picture books of contemporary, famous authors. Then I take these books back to the table where I'm working, and I set the books up to face me as I write.

Tonight, the faces of Stephanie Meyer, JK Rowlings, and RL Stine watched as I typed away at an outline for a new story I'm about to get working on. I love having those faces watch me. It's as if they are cheering me on. "Go for it! Keep plugging away! Your persistence is going to totally pay off one of these days - soon! You can do it!!" Yes, I listen to the voices in my head.

I smile at these one-time-wannabe-now-living-the-dream authors, put in my ear buds and listen to my favorite Pandora stations while I type, type, type away, eager to prove them right.

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